Cage Fight Network

Cage Fight: A Cage Fighter is a Mixed-Martial-Arts (MMA) fighter who sometimes fights in a cage (or octagon, or boxing ring in Pride). The fighter wins by knocking out, or putting the opponent in a submission hold by which the opponent gives up, or taps, or by decision. The phases of a Cage Fight usually involve punching and kicking, the clench, sometimes stand-up grappling, then a take down and ground grappling.

Cage fighting, also known as mixed martial arts or extreme fighting, can combine boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, judo and other forms of fighting. Opponents compete in designated weight classifications on mats inside a fence-like enclosure. The competitors wear trunks, gloves and mouth pieces. The Cage Fight is over when someone submits, the referee calls the winner, or the referee ends it because the losing opponent can no longer defend himself or herself. Cage fighting is popping up all over the Midwest. Some organizers rely on volunteer fighters from the audience. Others use trained fighters who travel a circuit around the Midwest.